Hong Kong was under British for nearly 150 years. Hong Kong is famous for its banking sector. Hong Kong has got rapid growth between 1950 to 1990. Through development and manufacturing capacity, Hong Kong became the fastest grown city in East Asia. Hong Kong is influenced by British culture. Hong Kong is also having international Port and significant Export and import are happening every month from Hong Kong to rest of the World. Travelling in Hong Kong is very pleasant one. Every where proper guides are available and they take you to the places one should see and enjoy in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the customs formalities are very tight and they check every inch of your baggage. Only legally permitted items are allowed. Tight vigilance is available throughout and tourists are advised to follow their rules. However, as they are encouraging trade, they allow many items to carry without leaving any duty. Because of travellers, Hong Kong streets are always crowded.

Majority of Foreign population

95% of Hong Kong people are Chinese. On Sundays, the local people enjoy along with the foreign visitors by sitting, singing, dancing and so on.  Hong Kong is just like International Metropolis as many foreign countries people like Australia, Japan, Europe and North America hailing. The traveler will notice the density of population. Also will notice that Hong Kong people are highly and sensitive but move friendly especially with children.   The climate is very pleasant throughout the year. The summer period is June to September. The maximum temperature will go up to 32 degree C and the minimum will touch 25 degree C.

Be safe and careful visitors!

It is found that travelling in Hong Kong will be enjoying considering several aspect into mind. The people in Hotels will truly guide for your needs. Shopping will be friendly and you can physically realize the value of your money for anything you buy. Cheating will not take place and shop keepers will guide for buying quality goods. It is because, they feel that quality delivery will assure on a permanent sales by the foreign visitors. Food is costly, but yet again the quality is assured. Fresh food will be served throughout the day without any interval. As tourist, you can find a healthy and friendly atmosphere prevailing throughout Hong Kong. The Government is conducting regular training session to local people on how to retain the tourists by providing hospitality.

Hong Kong travel could be a sophisticated one, but once inside the country you cannot expect the people also to be so. It then becomes the duty of individual in travel to take care of himself and his belongings for theft from tourists there is a very common thing and once cannot afford to be rushing to

the police every so often while in the middle of the tour. Travelling inside Hong Kong could also be a delight to a lot of massage parlors and river side transportation within the busy streets of the country which cannot fail to please even the toughest of critics!