Now that you have your flights and hotel booked for your vacation to jiva beach resort thomas cook, your luggage is the last thing that you have to worry about. Packing and making sure that you have everything may seem like a chore, but if you know what to do, learn some packing tips, this would feel like a walk in the park. If you were having a hard time packing your things every time you travel, then you need a guide and this is what we have for you.

Make A List For A Stress-Free Holiday 

Yes, this might sound boring but you have to do it. This is the answer to your stress-free holiday. If you do not want to forget things to bring, or what to do before your vacation, then make a list. This might not seem that important, but you will realize later on why it is crucial to list down everything and double checking it before your flight.

Bring The First-Aid Kit 

Bring the most important medications that you might need during your vacation. You wouldn’t want to suffer from headache, an upset stomach, or from high-climate fever. Also, check for any policies about bringing medications abroad because this may only be limited to your prescription medicines. Still, it is best to bring them on board.

The Importance Of Name Tags 

You need nametags on your luggage because not all suitcases come with name tags that are fitted are standard. Make sure that you fill them up before you check in your things. Once you lose your luggage, it’s going to take a long time to bring it back to you.

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Know Your Limit 

You might want to bring a lot, but remember that you have a luggage limit. If it says 23kg, you can bring less but definitely not more than that. Always follow the guidelines to avoid problems at the airport. Remember that restrictions are there for a reason, never forget about it.

No Need To Bring Shoes 

You are going to the beach so why bring shoes if you can walk barefoot on the sandy beaches of Turkey? But kidding aside, shoes can be bulky. You are on holiday so you can bring slippers or sandals. Nobody needs shoes at the beach.

Limit Your Cosmetics 

Once you hit the beach, you wouldn’t need that much makeup. You will be spending most of your time lounging in the beachfront. The sun will give you a natural blush. If you can’t live without makeup, take as little as you can on your trip.

These tips might sound practical and a no-brainer, but sometimes we need reminders to keep us on track. Take note of all the important things that you have to bring with you before your flight. It is best to have everything ready days or maybe a week before your vacation.