One of the continents in the world, yet existing as a single country is Australia. With a sheep population that’s three times, the total population of the country has a greater number of camels than found Egypt. The exotic fauna of the continent makes it truly fascinating. You can also experience most of Australia by planning day tours in Melbourne Victoria.

About the city:

Melbourne, also known as the coastal capital city of southeast Australian state Victoria. A group of Tasmanian businessmen founded it in the year 1835. Melbourne’s business district is Australia’s most walk able city like Brisbane. A new measurement indicates that it is rather easy to get around here on foot, although the city’s outskirts are amongst the country’s least walk able areas. This makes the day tours in Melbourne Victoria more exciting and fun.


Location and climatic conditions:

It is situated within a region of alpine forests that are also offering as High Country. Much of the city’s area is flat, but there are a few places where we do find some hills. You can explore more of it by having day tours in Melbourne Victoria. Due to the location of the continent in the southern hemisphere, the winters lie between June and August, and the summer season is between December to February. Winters are cool, but summers are hot, and it is the peak travel time. There are a few drawbacks of visiting Melbourne in summer. It gets very hot, and an average temperature of 30 degrees celsius, and sometimes the temperatures exceed 40 degrees. The prices are higher during this time, and accommodation options are lesser.

Day Tours In Melbourne Victoria

The transitions between March to May and September to November are the best times to pay a visit. The tourist crowd and airfare are moderate at these times.

Exciting things to do in Melbourne:

There are multiple things to do in this wonderful city:

1. Waking down the Street Art Lane at Hosier- amongst all of the street art lanes in the city, Hosier Lane is the most famous one. The entry is free and is open 24X7. It is usually very busy on the weekends. You can admire the walls of these streets covered with bright paint splatters, murals, quotes, and much more. Excellent pieces of street art by Merda and Adnate can also be seen here.

2. The Melbourne Museum- It is One of the great museums in the city featuring a vast collection of historical artifacts and interactive displays. There is a recent addition of Bunjilaka, which tells about the history and culture of the tribe surviving longest in the world, the Aborigines of Australia.

Before visiting Melbourne, plan according to your preferred season and make proper lists of the area’s you want to cover daily. This will help you get most out of the time and enjoy your stay in Melbourne.