Hotels can always be counted on to do what they do best: hospitality, in times of need. Hotels around the world have discovered creative methods to help their local communities cope with the coronavirus pandemic, from housing healthcare professionals to giving extra patient beds for overburdened hospitals. We’ve put up a list of inspiring activities and tales from around the world.

 Everyone knows that all visitors and citizens of Hong Kong must undergo a mandated 21-day quarantine before entering the city, but this period of isolation doesn’t have to be without benefits. Check out this list of quarantine perks in Hong Kong that will make your 21-day stay go by in a flash.

Hotels become quarantine centers

 Local governments have been collaborating with hotels to see if the buildings may be converted into improvised care centers or quarantine centers. As epidemics become more severe in particular parts of the world, this may become more common. Home quarantine for patients with milder coronavirus symptoms has already been recommended by Chinese doctors, as it facilitates the virus’ transmission to family members and the community. As a result, governments have started equipping local hotels to serve as isolation facilities for these patients.

Hotels offer self-quarantine packages

 Hotels may see a chance to offer a “hong kong hotel quarantine package” to those who need to quarantine but don’t want to stay at home, since countries and areas throughout the world have adopted strict self-quarantine procedures for all passengers arriving into the area. This method has gained traction in Asia, where lockdown restrictions are loosening but overall demand remains low. In hk hotel quarantine, which had a 15% occupancy rate at the outset of the outbreak in early January, is now 60% full, with 90% of people staying for quarantine reasons.

Quarantine Hotel

 Hotels for healthcare workers

 Many hotels throughout the world have opened their doors to front-line healthcare personnel, providing free or low-cost accommodations to physicians, nurses, and first responders who may be working long days and do not want to endanger their families at home.

Cloudbeds has launched a hospitality assistance initiative to connect healthcare and government agencies with lodging providers willing to provide beds for healthcare workers, people who have been directly or indirectly affected by COVID-19, and family members who want to be close to loved ones receiving care. They are now looking for hosts and soliciting funds.