Thailand is a country well known as a tourism center. It thrives with history and any traveller can get the chance to go 40 years back to see what the kingdom has had since the ancient days. It is one of South East Asia’s best destinations for tourism. It is a place that provides people with best standards of living with ancient and modern culture spread throughout the country. The history of Thailand makes people plan their tour to the place. Different empires have ruled the country and this is an ideal destination to find the lifestyle of ancient days. The history of the country is quite impressive and people love to go through it.


Thailand’s capital city is an excellent city to visit as it houses many attractions. You can find attractions of all types no matter whether you are a lover of ancient times or the modern day. The ancient buildings along with latest museums of the day give you best options to celebrate. The rich cultural heritage invites tourists to the city. This city is home to many ancient temples and the Buddha temple is very famous. Be it recreation, dance, amusement parks, eating or whatever, the city delivers great variety.

The Floating Market 

Bangkok is well known for waterways and canals. The Floating Market in Thailand gives you best cooked dishes and you can taste the flavours hot. You can find all collections of accessories here. Tourists and people get products here and vendors visit this market in boats. It is interesting as any person can stand across the canals and enjoy shopping products of their choice.

Phuket Beaches

Phuket beaches offer you great options to relax with dear ones, friends and family. You can spend days in the resorts and get to the beaches. The sandy beaches give you soothing feel as you unwind and you can have chats and share your memories in this place.


Kanchanaburi is a rural area in Thailand and this area was camped at World War II and has got lots to offer to visitors. It is a place that provides much information to tourists and is a remarkable choice. So, the variety you have in Thailand is special. Rural areas stand equal to modern attractions in the cities.

Thailand provides tourists with lots of other attractions like khao Khien Mountain Cave, Hua Hin, The Grand Palace, Chonburi Province, Pattaya, Similan National Park and Ko Samui. It is an exciting chance that you can take to get around different attractions and know what special each site offers. You can spend one or two weeks on your holidays and visit all attractions. You have good entertainment options along with best accommodation and food. You can choose interesting packages and plan your trip to Thailand accordingly. You can get into online websites and know about tourism options in the country. You will feel completely pleased with the options you have to enjoy your time in different cities and it is indeed memorable to visit these places.