Most people who visit Australia take a trip to its largest city, Sydney. Its impressive architecture and iconic landmarks are worth a look. The botanic gardens and beautiful harbor give a relaxing atmosphere. People also get breathless at the sight of its striking skyline. All these contribute to the idyllic balance of the city. Aside from a myriad of natural wonders, people often visit Sydney for its awesome food. If you have no idea where to go to grab your dinner after an amazing tour, here are the best restaurants in Sydney you should check out.


This place is for everyone. It has a fun and vibrant atmosphere that is shareable. The enthusiastic staff encourages sharing. Totti’s offers almost anything to cater to all sorts of people from various walks of life. There are Negroni for the primed and orange cordial for the kids. Visitors can also have big charry pillows of wood-fired bread and snacks. Some of the most-loved are prosciutto and burrata drenched in olive oil. Aside from those, vegetables are also available here. Broccolini jazzed up with almonds and anchovy is a crowd favorite. Some prefer a creamy, chili-spiked corn polenta instead. Main dishes include a whole roast chicken with crispy skin and juicy flesh. Classic desserts, such as the simple tart of the day, complete the dining experience. Another reason for a great visit to Totti’s is the piazza-like courtyard. It is transportive and abuzz. It even has a gnarled olive tree, making the room warm and welcoming.

best restaurants in Sydney

Saint Peter

Chef-owner Josh Niland makes every day an opportunity for ingenuity. A lot of people love the delectable seafood dishes offered here. These include swordfish belly bacon, Albacore eye chip, and Murray cod-fat caramel. The seafood species used in the menu are often wild-caught. Visitors can choose to have six varieties of oysters in a simple serving. The mouthwatering oysters and a Margaret River chardonnay provides a classic dining experience. For visitors who are adventurous, a round of snapper throat on toast with a zingy salsa verde will do the trick. A wild-fermented beer will make the experience complete. Josh Niland is quite known for pushing fishes to the edge. He even dry-aged a bass groper for 25 days. The fish, when served grilled with a tangy VB mustard, has a robust flavor. The menu is ever-changing, making every visit to Saint Peter unique.


This dining room has been running for almost a decade. Monopole is perfect for discerning palates who want a smart and bold experience. Couples can get comfortable on soft leather banquettes enjoying their Champagne and oysters. Solo diners usually sit on the spartan bar tools as they pore over a riveting wine list. Even a simple glass of dusky Sangiovese and some snacks are excellent.