Italy is one of the most favorite travel destinations. In this big world, many tourist spots have been included on the list of vacation destinations. Most of the people loved to visit places with wonders. But, not all travels have the same purpose. Some of them don’t love to see the wonders of the world, but because of their interests. Cooking is one of the best interests that people love. Some of these people are studying abroad for culinary courses. Some saved money for travels to experience the cultures, foods, and best delicacies of the place. Now, if you are a wine and cooking lover, Italy is the perfect spot to book for a vacation.

Food and wine tours

The introduces Italian food and wine tours. For most vacation tours, they offer a tour package, including:

  • walk tours
  • wildlife tours
  • beaches tours
  • winery tours

But, it is different in this variation of a tour package. If you are a cooking lover, perhaps, you are a wine lover too. Yes, it is believed that wines are a perfect match for foods served on the table. If you have noticed, wines are so versatile. It can be served at any kind of gathering. Therefore, many people consider it as a worldwide cocktail. So, Italian food and wine tours offer something unique and special to travelers, the hands-on cooking classes.

The hands-on cooking classes

Where on this planet you can find a tour that offers hands-on classes? It might sound unreal, but it is true. It is the reason why many travelers loved to book for the next the same tour experience in Italy. Hands-on cooking classes are a unique experience. Unlike the other tour experiences where tourists can taste the country’s food delicacies and visit wineries, it’s different here. You will never feel that you are a tourist. Instead, it feels like you are a local, and learning to cook Italian foods is will be a great opportunity as a tourist. Cooking classes are conducted hands-on taught by the most friendly and charming chefs. So, you are like a student learning Italian foods and not a simple tourist.

Italy can be the least of your choice to visit. But hearing this might change your mind and put it in the first country to travel to. Aside from the famous Grand Canal in Venice, there are more special to learn and experience here. If you have the heart of cooking and a love of wines, then this will be the perfect tourist spot to book.